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FUH35, FUH70 - Portable frequency converter light and easy to transport and completely maintenance-free.

FUH35, FUH70
High frequency converter FUH35
High frequency converter FUH70
FUH35, FUH70-thumb
High frequency converter FUH35
High frequency converter FUH70
The frequency converters FUH35 and FUH70 are true lightweights for concrete processing. They are equipped with the latest high-frequency technology. This space-saving technology allows for extremely compact dimensions and light weight compared to electronic converters. The devices are also characterized by a reliable and stable power and voltage supply, even in continuous operation. They are suitable for the operation of internal vibrators and external vibrators.
  • Extremely light, therefore easy to transport
  • The large operating light allows a functional check at any time
  • The overload protection prevents excessive current consumption of the connected device
  • FUH70 is also available with adjustable frequency
  • Completely maintenance-free

Easy transport

The sturdy handle with practical cable winding aid is also suitable for crane eyes and makes transporting easy.

Recessed sockets

Well protected against damage from all sides.

Lightweight and robust

The robust housing made of high-strength plastic and aluminum is insensitive to damage.

Efficient, active cooling offeres stable, reliable performance even in continuous operation.

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